Balcony glazing


IMTES MANUFACTURING provides a truly unique, market leading modern and spacious manufacturing facility entailing full flexibility in catering for custom-made and project-based transactions. Process capabilities include: transforming aluminum work in progress materials, cutting, bending, welding, machining, painting & powder coating techniques, as well as assembly are transformed into the final product.

Our quality principle is to provide a safe work environment with a ZERO ACCIDENT Policy.

IMTES MANUFACTURING management and employeesfirmly believe that all “accidents” are preventable,  through adapting  continuous aim for improvement best practices – have instilled in the company’s culture a ZERO ACCIDENT target.

IMTES MANUFACTURING and its employees adhere by and confirm strictly to all national environmental legislation and policies, employee health and safety; standards, legislation and policy.

IMTES MANUFACTURING; in all dealings and projects adhere to adapt preventative measures, ensuring a safe work environment for all employees and suppliers – in setting an industry example  and advising supply chain participants at times of these best practices.

The Environmental health and safety officer is the designated responsible for the reporting of any issues with respect to Employee Health & Safety and environmental hazards. Reporting is a mandatory responsibility for all employees, confined to their job functions. This sharing of responsibility entails the employer and its employees to implement and share safe practices.

The IMTES family respects the adaption of intra-generational equity – adopting the Notion of leaving a sustainable World for the next generations.