Balcony glazing


At Imtes, we aspire to achieve excellence in manufacturing and customer satisfaction, adhering to our country legislation and our responsibility to future generations – towards achieving a sustainable future. By manufacturing flawless products at the most competitive price and delivery times – adhering to customer demands, requests and customizations at every point possible, further through adapting best practices in management and process improvement, we aspire to the constant strive to rise beyond customer expectations. To achieve these:

  • All employees are empowered to participate in sharing their ideas and decision making, so to further their commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Through training of employees; adapt a continuous approach to professional development with particular focus on the aim of excellence in production processes and custom service.
  • Continuously audit, monitor and update internal quality control systems and production process efficiencies.
  • Our quality proposition is to strive for continuing development and update of our knowledge bank and technical adequacy through attendance of relevant exhibitions, workshops and following (relevant adapting) new and emerging technologies; undertaking technological and equipment investments.